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Developer Information

At Eluta, we offer open architecture that makes it easy for website developers to use our employment information in creative ways. We aren't the only innovative people in this space and we encourage developers to mashup Eluta's unique data with their areas of interest. We have just a few simple rules we ask developers to follow:

  • Create good things. We're always impressed when someone develops a great use for our data that actually helps people. If your site aims to do this, we're all for it – and we don't mind if your site is a personal project, or commercial, profit-making venture.

  • No adult or illegal sites. We don't allow our data to be used on sites that contain adult subject-matter (you know who you are), illegal matter or hateful speech of any kind. If you run a website that would make your mother blush, unfortunately we can't help you.

  • No spam pages. Our data can't be used on "made-for-AdSense" landing pages that exist only to display pay-per-click ads. Your site needs to serve an audience and have a purpose beyond just hosting ads. If you're smart enough to design one of these sites, why not use your talents to help people?

If you agree with these conditions, we invite you to access our data free of charge using either RSS (example) or our OpenSearch API (example  & description). In using our data, you agree to comply with our standard Terms of Service, subject to the above clarifications.

RSS Feeds

For most applications, incorporating an RSS feed into your site is the easiest way to use Eluta's data. You can create an RSS feed for any search on Eluta, including an Advanced Search. For example, if you want to show all the new environmental jobs in British Columbia, this RSS feed supplies all the data you need. There are some interesting sites mentioned below that mashup our RSS feeds.

You can easily integrate the latest jobs from Eluta on your website by including the following HTML code on your web page:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=></script>

The above example will display the 5 latest "French" jobs in "Toronto ON", but you can modify this script to show whatever search results are relevant to your site.

Some Eluta Mashups

If you have questions about using our data or want to tell us about an innovative application you've created, please contact us. We wish you success!

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