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ElutaXML Specification

In the following example, the XML tags coloured green are required. The grey tags are optional. Eluta can understand content variations in many fields, however it's always best to be as precise and unambiguous in providing your data as possible. Some notes follow the example below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<elutaxml xmlns="" version="1.0">

<name>Manitoba Civil Service Commission</name>


<title>Senior Financial Analyst</title>
<jobref>unique competition number</jobref>
Job description, qualifications and requirements. Job-seekers may find your
position on Eluta based largely on the contents this field, so be sure to include
a full job description, including any qualifications required. Short or incomplete
descriptions mean that fewer people may find your positions. Do not, however,
include company description or other application information in this field.

<jobaddress>7 St. Thomas Street</jobaddress>
<jobpostalcode>R2A 1G5</jobpostalcode>
<jobtype>Full Time</jobtype>
<postdate>January 31, 2007</postdate>
<expirydate>February 16, 2007</expirydate>
<division>Manitoba Family Services</division>




ElutaXML Details

Let Us Know:

In order to let Eluta know to look for your XML published jobs, use our "Include Your Jobs" form. You can enter the location you will post your XML file as the "URL for Job Postings".


  • You may place as many <job></job> blocks in your XML file as you require to publish all of your jobs.
  • Only one <employer></employer> block is used to envelope all of the <job></job> blocks.
  • If a job previously published in your XML file is found to be removed, Eluta will de-index it. (The other way to control when Eluta de-indexes your jobs is to specify an <expirydate>.)
  • Eluta's XML parser is not strict. While we encourage you to use standards compliant "well-formed" XML encoding, Eluta will accept and handle most data.

Suggested Field Values:

  • jobref: a unique identifier for the job. If your company has a number, or other alphanumeric identifier, for a job posting (sometimes called a "competition number"), fill it in here. If your company currently does not uniquely identify jobs it is suggested you start numbering your jobs sequentially, and use that number her. This is a required field. It allows us to identify more accurately jobs already published from your company.
  • occupationcategory: For a list of preferred occupational categories see Eluta's occupation browser. Eluta will accept unknown occupational categories, but it may take longer for your jobs to be categorized and published.
  • jobaddress, jobcity,jobprovince, jobpostalcode: If no city or address is specified the job location is assumed to be the same as the employer's primary address.
  • jobtype: Full-Time, Part-Time, Temporary
  • salarymin, salarymax: Non-numeric content will be ignored.
  • salarytype: yearly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, hourly
  • postdate, expirydate: Most date formats will be recognised. In cases of ambiguity the ISO standard date element order (YYYY-MM-DD) will be assumed.