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For Job-Seekers:

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For Job-Seekers:

What is Eluta?

We are a vertical search engine that specializes in finding new job announcements at employers across Canada. Our focus is on full-time, career-level opportunities. Eluta provides links back to the original employers' job postings.

How do I use your search engine?

It's easy. Type in the kind of job you're looking for (e.g. "website designer") and where you want to work (e.g. "Calgary"). Then click "Find Jobs" or just hit enter. You'll see all the new jobs in your field within a 50 kilometer radius. (You can also simply type in your postal code or province instead of a city name.) See our Search Tips for useful information on searching.

Where do you get your jobs?

From employers' websites. When employers across Canada add new jobs on their websites, they become searchable on Eluta.

Why should I use Eluta?

With just one search, you can see the jobs available at tens of thousands of employers across Canada. Plus you get high quality, non-biased editorial research on thousands of employers that can help with your job search.

Do you scrape the big job boards?

No, we index new job listings only from employers' websites. Our crawler lets us know when new jobs are announced, then we make the positions searchable on Eluta shortly afterwards.

Can I narrow my search?

Yes, use our Advanced Search to refine your search criteria. You can limit your search by occupation, industry, job title, employer or change the geographic area of your search.

Do employers pay to include their jobs?

No. Like any search engine, we include their web pages for free.

How is the order of search results determined?

Solely based on relevance to your search query. No human beings are involved in determining the order of search results. Nor can employers pay to have their jobs listed first. We're a search engine, not a job board.

Can I search by occupation?

Yes, our Advanced Search lets you search in over 80 occupational categories. For simple keyword searches, Eluta will also suggest broader categories when it can infer your occupation.

Can I search by industry or other ways?

Yes. Use our Advanced Search to find new jobs according to an employer's primary industry. You can also search by employer name or job title, and in other interesting ways.

Does Eluta correct spelling errors?

Eluta recognizes common misspellings and will suggest the correct search term. It also catches common errors in job qualifications you might search (e.g. try searching for "Cold Fusion" jobs).

What's the "Top 100" link?

You'll see this included in some search results. It indicates the employer is included in this year's edition of Canada's Top 100 Employers. Click the link to read the full chapter on this employer written by the editors of Canada's Top 100 Employers. You can also do an Advanced Search to limit your job search to "Top 100" employers.

What's the "New Grad" link?

These employers are ranked in the current edition of The Career Directory as among Canada's best employers for recent college and university graduates. Click the link to read a impartial editorial review of their entry-level recruitment program. You can also do an Advanced Search to limit your job search to employers included in this year's edition of The Career Directory.

How are the fastest-growing employers determined?

You'll see our special "Who's Hiring" link after your search results when Eluta has gathered enough data to show you which employers created the most new jobs in your occupation in your geographic area. (If you didn't specify a place, you'll get rankings for all of Canada.) Click this link to see the fastest-growing employers in your field, ranked by the number of jobs they created in your field recently. These companies are growing quickly and are often good places to start your job search.

What's the "Similar Jobs" link?

This appears in each search result and lets you find nearby jobs in the same occupation quickly.

Can I post my résumé with you?

No, we're just a search engine. We actually feel pretty strongly about not collecting personal information from you. As a job-seeker, you shouldn't have to give up personal information to look for work. You can read about the lengths that we go to protect your confidentiality in our privacy policy.

What's that little box that pops up over an employer's name?

In our search results, you can always read a short description of an employer's operations by running your cursor over the employer's name. This non-commercial description is written by our editors to help you decide whether to investigate their job opportunities further.

What's that little box that pops up over each job title?

That's a short extract from the employer's job posting. Click the job title to read the full listing.

How long do jobs stay in your search results?

Until shortly after the job posting expires (if a deadline date was included) or 30 days, whichever is earlier.

Can I set up an email alert?

Yes, it's easy and takes only a few seconds. Start by doing a search on Eluta. At the end of your search results, you'll see a link that says "Email Notification". Click this link and follow the instructions. Whenever there's a new job that matches your search criteria, we'll let you know by email. You can set up multiple email notifications. You can also use our Advanced Search to refine your search before creating a notification. Each time you receive an email notification, you'll have an opportunity to cancel the alert. After your notification period expires, your email address is purged from our system.

Can I set up an RSS feed?

Yes, using any search criteria you want -- RSS feeds on Eluta are customizable. Start by doing a search on Eluta. At the end of your search results, click the "RSS" button. You'll see the URL for the RSS feed that matches your search criteria. This feed can be be added to web news aggregators (such as MyYahoo), standalone newsreaders (such as Feedreader), or placed in browsers that allow live bookmarks (such as FirefoxIE7 and IE7). You can also use our Advanced Search to refine the search criteria for your RSS feed. RSS lets you stay informed about new jobs in your field without having to search Eluta every day or set up an email notification. More information on RSS is available online.

How do I suggest a new feature?

We're always interested in new ideas. Contact us.

Why do my search results show the correct city, but wrong province?

Eluta might think you are in another province. In your search, try including the province after your city or town. If you don't specify a province, Eluta assumes you are in the largest city with that name. For example, entering "Kingston" will return jobs in Kingston, Ontario. If you want Kingston, Nova Scotia, you need to enter "Kingston, NS" or "Kingston, Nova Scotia".

Does Eluta have a sense of humour?

Yes, indeed. Eluta sometimes tells you what it thinks of unusual qualifications that you ask it to search.

Can Eluta find jobs outside Canada?

Not at the moment. We may expand coverage to the USA and other countries in the future. Check back here periodically for new announcements on this subject.

Why don't I see jobs from headhunters?

Eluta indexes jobs only from employers' websites directly. In the near future, we'll be adding a feature that lets you connect with local search firms and agencies that specialize in your occupation. The data for this special feature is being supplied by the Canadian Directory of Search Firms, which indexes Canada's entire recruitment industry.

Who's behind Eluta?

Eluta was launched in 2006 backed by Mediacorp Canada Inc., which is Canada's largest publisher of employment periodicals, as well as other investors. Anthony Meehan is the President of Mediacorp Canada Inc. Together, the talented team responsible for the Eluta project has more than 40 years of accumulated experience in the employment publishing field.

For Employers:

How often are new jobs added?

New jobs are added to Eluta 24 hours a day, 7 days a week There are more than 10,000 job listings searchable on Eluta at any time. Jobs appearing in our search results have been added in the past 30 days.

How can we add our company's job listings?

It's easy. Start by doing a search to see if we already include your positions. If your jobs aren't listed, let us know where we can find them. We'll set up your site to be spidered on a regular basis and your jobs will begin appearing on Eluta shortly afterwards.

How often do you spider our career site?

At least daily. Sometimes more often, if you post new positions frequently.

Do we need to notify Eluta when we post new jobs?

No, just add them to your own website as you would normally. Eluta spiders your site on a regular basis and adds any new jobs to our index shortly afterwards.

How long does it take for jobs to appear on Eluta?

Depending on your website's structure, it can take anywhere from a few hours to over a week. If you don't see your job on Eluta after 7 days, please submit your website for indexing again. Employers can reduce the time it takes for jobs to appear by using our non-proprietary XML schema. This allows our spider to retrieve parsed information about your new job postings. It isn't difficult to add XML tags to your pages -- they are invisible to browsers and simply delimit the various fields (such as job titles, deadline dates, etc.) in your job posting. To obtain our XML schema, please contact us.

Can we use other XML protocols?

Yes, any standards-compliant XML tagging protocol will work. We can map your existing XML tags and translate them to Eluta's XML schema easily. We want it to be easy for your jobs to be indexed efficiently. Contact us for details.

Are there jobs you don't index?

We don't include part-time, temporary or seasonal positions, or positions advertised with search firms in our index. Neither do we include business opportunities or commission-only jobs. Eluta uses human editors and software algorithms to ensure that all jobs in its index are full-time, career-level opportunities. Our basic test is: "Would a job-seeker move to take up this opportunity?" We don't want our users to waste time reading irrelevant items. And all of our jobs are posted by direct employers.

Can we remove a job that's been filled?

The fastest way is to remove the job from your website. Within a day or two, Eluta will notice that page no longer exists and correct itself. If the job is still viewable on your website, it will stay in our index until shortly after the posting expires (if a deadline date was included) or for 30 days, whichever is earlier.

Can we prevent Eluta from indexing our jobs?

Just include the ROBOTS meta tag in your web page:


This tells search engines (including Eluta) not to index your page. Information on the robots exclusion standard is available online.

Can we prevent Eluta from offering a "cached" copy of our job pages?

When Eluta indexes your job listings, it takes a "snapshot" of how your page appeared at the time. This cached page is included with our search results for 30 days in case your site is unavailable temporarily, and to show users how your page is relevant to their query. To prevent search engines (including Eluta) from offering a "cached" copy, include the NOARCHIVE meta tag in your web page:


If you include this tag, you should be aware that Eluta may remove your job from its index if your site is down temporarily or is slow to respond to our spider when it periodically re-checks your page.

Is there a fee to have our jobs listed?

No. Like any search engine, we include your web pages for free.

Can we pay to have our jobs ranked higher in your search results?

No, our search results are entirely commercial-free. Search results are organized strictly by relevance using Eluta's own algorithms. No human beings are involved in determining the order of our search results.

How can we get on your "Who's Hiring" list of fast-growing employers?

When Eluta recognizes that a user is searching within a particular occupation, it may show a link to the fastest-growing employers in this field at the bottom of the search results. These "Who's Hiring" rankings are determined by analyzing how many jobs each employer created recently in that occupation. To be included on this list, make sure Eluta is indexing all your organization's job opportunities. To do this, submit your website for indexing and Eluta will take care of the rest.

Can we be reviewed for your "New Grad" and "Top 100" links?

You need to apply to the editors of The Career Directory and Canada's Top 100 Employers to be considered for these popular guides. Published annually since 1992, The Career Directory reviews over 1,000 employers across Canada to find the best entry-level recruitment programs for recent college and university graduates. First published in 2000, Canada's Top 100 Employers is an annual guide to companies and organizations that lead their industries in offering exceptional working conditions and benefits. Eluta shows the relevant employer reviews from both guides under license from the books' publisher, Mediacorp Canada Inc.

Can we change our employer description?

You may submit changes online. These brief descriptions are written by our editors and appear as pop-ups when users run their mouse over an employer's name. They appear elsewhere in Eluta to provide users with a quick overview of the employer's operations. We will edit the employer description you submit to remove marketing language and ensure it complies with our editorial guidelines.

Can we change our industry classification?

Yes. You can see which industry we've assigned to your organization by doing an industry search and see if your jobs show up in the search results. (Your jobs need to be already listed on Eluta for this to work.) If you are still unsure which industry we've put you in, re-submit your job site and include your primary business activity.

Can we correct our map location?

We use several proprietary databases to locate the coordinates of your hiring location, but errors in geocoding data do occur. Contact us and explain the problem, letting us know your correct street address. We will adjust your map location immediately.

Can we submit jobs directly without publishing them on our website?

No, jobs need to be publicly viewable on your website before they can be added to our index.

Do you offer a résumé database for employers?

No, we're just a search engine. We actually go out of our way to protect the privacy of job-seekers who use our site. See our privacy policy for details.

Please feel free to contact us with other questions.

Last updated: June 15, 2006