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Education Coordinator

Oxford Learning Centre
London ON
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Education Coordinator  

Are you passionate about helping children reach their true potential?

Our philosophy at Oxford Learning is to create stronger and more independent learners through new strategies, habits, and study skills. We teach this through remedial, enrichment, and school support. It takes time to change these yet makes a HUGE impact on a child's future.

We are looking for a passionate individual who wants to help us change the lives of students, master our philosophy, and grow with our organization into a more professional role.

Our Coordinator must have:

  • Post-Secondary Bachelor’s Degree related or transferable to the education field

·       Superb written and oral language skills and an excellent ability to communicate with students, parents, and teachers

·       Experience with customer service

·       Administration experience is an asset

·       Clear Criminal Reference Check and First Aid Certification

Our Centre is looking for someone who has the following qualities:

·       Very strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks

·       Able to think on their feet

·       A master in multi-tasking

·       A natural born leader and team motivator

·       Personable, friendly, outgoing, creative, confident, and energetic

·       Comfortable on the phone

·       Confident in meeting with parents and school teachers

·       Comfortable in conducting workshops and teacher meetings

·       Excited to help coordinate centre and community events

·       Mature, responsible, and professional

·       French (fluent) is an asset

Some of your duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Answering phone and email inquiries from potential clients
  • Fulfilling day to day and monthly administrative tasks
  • Administrating cognitive and academic testing with new students
  • Designing and monitoring academic programs for students
  • Evaluating student progress, growth, and communicating this progress to parents
  • Creating a fun, energetic learning environment for all

Must be willing to work a combination of weekday mornings, afternoons, evenings, and Saturday mornings and will be trained in our systems, methodologies, and approach.

If you possess the above qualities and can meet the listed requirements we look forward to seeing your application.

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Oxford Learning Centre

Established in 1984, Oxford Learning Centre is a provider of supplementary programs in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, study and homework skills.